What is the address / directions to Fort Henry?


Located at  1 Fort Henry Drive, Kingston, Ontario

For directions, please click here


What are your dates and hours of operation?


October 2, 3, 4 from 7pm-10pm
October 8, 9, 10, 11 from 7pm-10pm
October 15, 16, 17, 18 from 7pm-10pm
October 22 - November 1 from 6:30pm-10pm


What is the cost of admission?


General Admission: $25.00 
Group Admission: $20.00
Military Admission: $20.00*


*Military discount code can be found online at the CF Appreciation website and must be entered at the time of purchase online. You must present a valid military ID at the check-in booth.


How can I purchase tickets?


Tickets will be available online only at

  • Select a check-in time for your Fort Fright experience.
  • Please arrive within your allotted check-in time only. Present your ticket(s) at the check-in booth upon arrival on your phone or printed.
  • Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Safety amulets are available online as well.


What is Terror Tuesday?


Terror Tuesdays is an outdoor movie screening in the lower Fort featuring horror films every Tuesday starting on September 29th and ending in October.


Tickets & more information


Will parking be available?


Parking is available at no charge on-site.


How late are you open?


Timed ticketing is implemented to ensure groups are spaced out and to maintain a safe maximum capacity. We will remain open 1 hour after the last check-in time slot. 


Will there be guidelines for physical distancing?


All visitors will have to follow physical distancing rules as mandated by the Ontario Government. You must stay 2 meters or 6 feet away from others. Staff will monitor and educate customers on physical distancing rules.
Please note there may be a lineup for any or all the experiences, so please respect safe physical distancing during those times.


Will there be any screening of visitors for COVID-19 upon arrival to ensure safety?


Guests will be required to self-assess their health and should not visit Fort Fright if there is a possibility that they may have contracted or have come into close contact with Covid-19.


What measures are you taking to ensure the safety of staff and visitors? Additional measures that have been undertaken are:


  • Face covering or masks are mandatory throughout the entire Fort Fright experience for staff, guests and scare actors.
  • Guests are required to bring and wear a non-medical mask throughout the experience. 
  • Timed ticketing is implemented to ensure groups are spaced out and to maintain a safe maximum capacity. 
  • Signage onsite will communicate best practices and protocols so visitors understand expected health and safety requirements in place.
  • Programming has been modified to provide a touchless experience as much as possible. Where this is unavoidable, hand washing or sanitizing stations are available.
  • Enhanced cleaning practices throughout the tour route and restrooms.
  • Many other steps have been taken in consultation with Public Health authorities, in line with Provincial Guidelines.


How long does the experience take?


It will take approximately 20 minutes to go through Fort Fright's Haunted House portion of the experience. Then there’s lots to do in the lower Fort, including the Haunted Carnival and added experiences from partners. Partners to be announced! Be prepared to spend approximately 1 hour at Fort Fright in total.


Is Fort Fright the same as last year?


No, Fort Fright gets a refresh every year! Our creative team and partners work diligently through the spring and summer months to ensure Fort Fright is filled with new scares and experiences for all. If you’re a returning Fort Fright fan, you may recognize props as we are dedicated to reusing assets.


What’s this year’s theme?


Prepare to be spooked with our brand new theme of “darkness.” In our 13th year of Fort Fright, new scares will horrify visitors as they step into the dark and unknown areas of Fort Henry.


How long will I wait in line?


This varies depending on how quickly groups move forward in the experience. Staff will be working diligently to ensure that groups are safely spaced out, so please be patient if there is a wait. With a lower number of visitors per evening for health and safety reasons, it is expected that wait times will be minimal. Please note there may be a lineup for any or all the experiences so please respect physical distancing during those times.


What does my ticket grant me access to?


A full Fort Fright experience! You will have the opportunity to experience the massive Haunted House, added experiences and activities in the lower fort, the gift stores, and more!


What happens if I’m too scared during Fort Fright?


Please find the nearest staff member. This may be a scare actor, but they will break character if you would require assistance and tell them you would like to be escorted out of the experience. Scare actors may radio for assistance or they may escort you back out of the haunted house themselves.  We apologize in advance for their scary makeup, but we promise they are very friendly! 

If you would like to experience Fort Fright, but think that you will be nervous or scared, you can always purchase a Safety Amulet for $5, and this will let our Scare Actors that know that you do not want to be scared.  You have the option of turning off the amulet if you change your mind! 


Who can visit Fort Fright?


Fort Fright is not recommended for children.  Parents and/or guardians should use their discretion. For ‘scaredy cats’, we suggest that you purchase a Safety Amulet ($5) to ward off direct scares and keep our Fort Fright scare-actors at a safe distance. Please note that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Is the path accessible for people with reduced mobility?


The experience takes place outdoors, mostly on uneven gravel pathways with ground conditions that may change with the weather. For visitors who require the use of a wheelchair, an all-terrain wheelchair is recommended.


Do you allow visitors to wear costumes?


Yes. We do allow costumes while attending Fort Fright but please note that full face masks are not permitted along with props such as fake weapons.


Will food and beverage be available?


The following places within Fort Henry will be open: BeaverTails, Soldier’s Canteen, Garrison Store, Mrs. Henry’s Treat Shop in the upper Fort and the Commissariat Store in the Lower Fort. Please note that no outside food and drink is not permitted on site.


Do you have group rates?


Yes, groups of 20 or more people can purchase their tickets for $20 per person plus HST. Groups must contact our Customer Service Team to make their booking by calling 1-800-437-2233 Monday – Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm. In order to receive a group discount, payment must be made for the entire group by one person. Tickets must be purchased in advance of your desired Fort Fright date.


How many visitors can go through together?


Within your own “bubble”, up to 10 visitors can be together at once. Occasionally, groups up ahead may cause a bit of bottleneck as visitors may travel at different paces. Please be patient. Always ensure your group practices safe physical distancing from other groups.


Can I go through Fort Fright multiple times with the same ticket?


No. Once through Fort Fright, including the added experiences, visitors will not be able to go through a second time. This ensures all visitors have an opportunity to experience Fort Fright.


Will the scare actors touch me?


No. We ask that you do not touch them either.  Please note that if visitors verbally or physically abuse a Scare Actor at Fort Fright they will be escorted off the site immediately. All actors are equipped with a radio for contact with our security and management team. There are no refunds. 


Can I take photos at Fort Fright?


Yes, you are encouraged to take photos and share on social media, but please avoid using a flash in dark areas to ensure you do not ruin scares, shock scare actors or ruin the experience for other visitors. Video is not permitted. We encourage everyone to post their photos on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #FortFright.





Fort Henry



If you are media, please contact us so that arrangements can be coordinated, by emailing


Can I bring my purse or bag into Fort Fright?


Only a small bag/purse will be permitted. No backpacks or large bags allowed. No outside food, beverages, drugs or weapons are permitted inside the attraction.  


What happens if it rains?


Because of the outdoor nature of our event, please be prepared for the weather. We may close due to inclement weather and as such will post cancelled evenings on our Facebook Page. 


Is there use of strobe lights?


Yes. If you are sensitive to strobe lights, please inform our staff prior to entering the haunted attraction. Signage will be up to advise customers before strobe lights are experienced. 


Is the event held indoors or outdoors?


Mostly outdoors.  Please dress according to the weather.


I purchased tickets online but have not received an email confirmation?


Thank you to our PARTNERS